EffGuard® is specially formulated to remove the unsightly effects of efflorescence on concrete, pavers, natural stone and masonry on floors and retaining walls without the need to neutralise.

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EffGuard®’s quick and highly efficient formulation is completely inert, does not need to be neutralised and will not materially alter the surface. It will leave a clean and uniform surface finish with no streaking such as may be associated with acid based products.
EffGuard® is ideal for treating surfaces that are subject to efflorescence such as: natural stone, synthetic stone, teracotta, architectural concrete, interlocking paving blocks, cement, etc. Will not affect surrounding surfaces such as metal, glass, rubber and/or gloss paint.
EffGuard® is a powerful stripper that is non corrosive, non acid based, non toxic and harmless to the environment. It is easy to use on any surface and will eliminate the buildup of laitance caused by efflorescence in one single application.

Solvent-free & 95% Biodegradable
Respectful of Man & the Environment

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