Protection for Wood Surfaces

UV radiation is known to deteriorate colour and in some instances affect the adhesion quality of paint on external surfaces. When this surface is an outdoor decking which is also walked upon, there is an additional consideration, being wear resistance. This limits the use of paint in preference for oil based products such as linseed oil. These oils also have limitations, which include longevity and thus need to be reapplied at regular intervals.


Some manufacturers claim to especially formulate these coatings to include UV reflecting or absorbing components to improve durability. The fact remains, like all oil based products they eventually evaporate away. Normally these claims are also prefaced by including the comment – “enhances the characteristics of the timber grain and weathers naturally�?, which in application, means the coating eventually disappears away.

DeckLast® is a new and innovative product which is manufactured as a chemical lasure and is not a coating, so it will not wear, blister or peel. It penetrates deep into the wood fibres rendering them completely water repellent and resistant to stains, even grease, without affecting the structure and natural aspect of the wood. It becomes an integral part of the surface structure and protects decking from the ageing effects of UV as well as providing superior colour retention and wear resistance. Most importantly, DeckLast® leaves your decking lasting like the day it was laid for years to come, without the need to reapply.

DeckLast® is low odour, water based and dries incredibly fast so application is simple and effective. Re-coating can be commenced within 20 minutes.


Solvent-free & 95% Biodegradable
Respectful of Man & the Environment
Water-borne, Non Toxic & Safe to Use


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