Protects against the damaging effects of UV weathering, water, oil and other pollutants to keep rendered surfaces looking new.

Soon to be released!

RenderSeal is an ecological revolutionary water-borne product, non toxic, solvent-free, silicone-free which is intended to protect render. It can also be used on “monocouche�? render finishes.

RenderSeal is an impregnating product, non film-making whilst the substrate also remains permeable to air and water vapour.

RenderSeal is completely colourless after application; it modifies neither the aspect nor the nature of the treated substrate. Moreover, it perfectly resists UV and does not yellow over time. A substrate treated with RenderSeal allows a delay in the ageing process, facilitates maintenance and allows protection of the render against both water and oil.

Solvent-free & 95% Biodegradable
Respectful of Man & the Environment

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