STICleaner® is specially formulated to remove oil grease and pollution from concrete, pavers, natural stone and masonry floors surfaces prior to the application of Surface Treatments.

Soon to be released!

STICleaner® will tackle all types of soiling (pollution, greasy stains) as well as chewing gum and even the marks left after removal of chewing gum.
Formulated with biodegradable molecules, STICleaner® has all the advantages of an ecological product in terms of being easy to use, effective and safe. That is not the case with alternative corrosive products.
STICleaner® is specially designed for the washing and scrubbing clean of outdoor ground surfaces: pedestrian precincts, pavements and all types of surfaces constructed with stone, concrete and tiling which have been heavily soiled by all types of dirt.

Solvent-free & 95% Biodegradable

Eco Friendly & Non Hazardous

Water-borne, Non Toxic & Safe to Use

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