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Surface Treatment Industries

Surface Treatment Industries (STI) is a lead distributor of surface treatments formulated to revitalize, restore and protect all sorts of masonry building materials. Established in 2005, Surface Treatment Industries has filled a void in the market by providing reliable, ecologically sustainable products which protect surfaces without the environmental compromise typical of other products.

Until recently, architects and building owners have had no real solution in protecting building facades, masonry floor surfaces and the like from the damaging effects of UV radiation, weather and pollutants such as vehicle exhaust fumes. Further, any products that have shown some level of performance have either been resistant to water or oil based pollutants (not both) and have been damaging to health or the environment. Unique in the industry, STI products are resistant and protect surfaces from the damaging effects of both water and oil based contaminants and are completely safe to use.

These products are ideally suited for the protection of masonry materials exposed to water penetration, staining and graffiti. STI products are particularly suitable for surfaces such as concrete, natural stone, brick, bitumen and wood.


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