Until recently, it is fair to say, products used for the preservation of building materials have often been too aggressive or even toxic to both humans and the environment. With this in mind, Surface Treatment Industries is the first in the industry to provide eco sensitive products which bridge the gap. Through the specification and implementation of STI products, it is now possible to protect building surfaces without compromising on the environment. Further, more these products provide lasting savings by improving the efficiency of ongoing maintenance.

Implementing an eco-conception process

Surface Treatment Industries is aware of today's environmental challenges and has developed a range of bio products.

Products are generally:

• Water based
• > 90% biodegradable (OECD norms)
• Zero or very low VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
• No solvent based thinner ; no silicone
• Non-toxic ; non-dangerous
• Non flammable

The eco-conception process developed for the SlipSolve® range by Surface Treatment Industries has been recognised with the French “Éco Trophées 93�? award, in the eco-products category.

SlipSolve® is deemed to have less impact on the environment than other products (which typically rely on a hydrofluoric acid base) throughout its lifecycle, whilst also maintaining optimum performance immediately after application.

Reducing the environmental impact of our products

Our head of sustainable development & eco-conception, reviews all STI product life cycles and their impact on the environment. Through this process suitable Product Data Sheets are developed which the aim of educating consumers and regular applicators of the products to further reduce the products impact on health and the environment.

Saving Energy

Our products have an exceptional lifespan, approximately 3 times longer than directly comparable products available in the market. Our expertise allows us to offer a 10 year performance warranty with most if not all of our product range, when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Buildings protected with STI products resist penetration of containments, remain cleaner longer and are significantly easier to maintain. Our products also reduce the amount of both water and chemicals used whilst renovating and maintaining building surfaces.

Investing in the community

Surface Treatment Industries is keen to develop awareness amongst building industry professionals and to develop, promote and distribute green technology and eco sensitive products.

Surface Treatment Industries, through its parent company CTA Australia:

  • is a member of the green building council of Australia
  • is ISO accredited in accordance with ISO9001

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